Saturday, February 23, 2008

My life (cross posted from my livejournal)

I am currently working on my blog or journal assignment for my e-commerce class. One of my goals is to add add c+, java, and Perl programming communities in such sites such as Yahoo groups, devx, and I think for a few on Livejournal as well.

Yahoo is truly a blast from my past as I used to live in the online groups before,, and now Does anyone still use them?

I am curious.

No one uses Livejournal anymore either. I figured its that or I do not update anymore nor does my wife since we are married and have no lives outside of world of warcraft, school, and work.

Employment situation :-(

Speaking of jobs. Mine will officially be gone by the end of spring. :-(

23 million dollar budget cuts forced aides such as myself to leave even if its in a child's IEP report. My wife may loose her job too. All of this is thanks to the housing crises. There are blocks and blocks of for sale and foreclosed signs here in California. This means no property taxes and now less money for our employer.

I read a confidential memo and one of our elementary schools is closing. I can't mention which one because this is online but it appears summer school maybe canceled as well.

Rialto school district is laying off 400 teachers and counselors thanks to the budget cuts and Anne maybe next to lose her job since she is untenored and its her first year.

Other developments

I met an HR director who is on my e-commerce team. He just reviewed my resume and gave me some job leads! Starting Monday after my finals, blog assignments, and presentations I will spend at least 30 minutes a day redoing my resume and looking for other work. I am a junior now and so far received straight A's. I may be getting my first B in bus com but I suppose I can put up with it.

Ok everyone please click on this link on my blog assignment so I can get more hits! lol

Now if only I didn'tdelete my java tutorials from HCC. I could have posted it up and could have received more hits.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Here is my trip to big bear

These pictures were taken November of 2006.

I have numerous books on html and perl programming. I think I am going to reference them this week so I can spice up my blog.

Maybe I can try to sell myself and put a revised resume next to see if I can bring my hits up.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Another post here

Site Meter

I think I will start updating this new blog regularly. I am going to post some pictures of my trip to big bear last year.

Also welcome Livejournal users. Thank you for clicking the link to this page and I hope you enjoy this blog as my other one.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hello World!

This is my third major blog and one I may use for now on.

I have another secret blog here from 2004 that only 2 people know about. Bonus points if you can find it. :-)

I wanted a more professional and mature blog than my older blog and I figured this might be more appealing to the non-teenagers who hang out on livejournal. THis is changing thanks to Myspace stealing the young people away though. :-)

Right now I am going to use this as my main journal and plan to integrate my hobbies and profession and of course use this to get a better grade at my CBU ecom marketing course. :-)


I plan to use real html and list hobbies and include my picture and perhaps eventually add a resume.